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Mariposa Montessori Programs


Child in the Nido Program at Mariposa Montessori

The Nido (Italian for “nest”) program provides quality care for a maximum of 8 infants, ages 8 weeks to 17 months. This carefully designed Montessori environment provides a warm and peaceful space where each child is nurtured by a Certified Infant and Toddler Guide and two assistants.

We are aware that the infant is absorbing everything which is seen and heard into his psyche. It is of utmost importance to us that we continuously provide positive circumstances for our infants to experience. Infants are learning about their world on social, emotional, and cognitive levels. By having their physical and psychological needs met with care and love each child experiences a true feeling of safety in which he or she can thrive.

Mariposa Montessori offers a simple yet well designed environment which is specifically geared to the formation of the child at their respective age levels. The children in our Nido program are assisted in their developmental process by stimulation of the 5 senses, encouragement of gross and fine motor control, and introduction of self-help skills at an individual pace. The guides and families work together to provide the smoothest transition possible for each child.

Child practicing self care in the Nido Program at Mariposa Montessori

In our Nido program we build trust with infants and toddlers. Some of the values our staff upholds are:

  • consistency of attendance
  • consistency in routine
  • consistency in response to situations
  • positive redirection of inappropriate behaviors
  • gentle tones of voice
  • having personal, individual encounters with each child everyday
  • adults model slow calm movements and respect children’s space

We know that children learn from what they see and feel. We strive to create the best circumstances for our children to grow in. We love and nurture the children in our care.

Young Children's Community

Children outside in Mariposa Montessori's Young Children's Community

Each of our Young Children’s Community environments consist of one Montessori certified guide and one assistant with a maximum of 13 children ages 18 months to 3 years. The Young Children’s Community is carefully prepared to aid the toddler in achieving independence and reach their full potential. The materials are chosen for their ability to enhance particular skills based on movement, language, and order.

The child is free to move about the environment at will. Maria Montessori outlined the importance of focused attention and the unobstructed use of the hand in the development of the mind. The freedom experienced in this carefully prepared environment gives the children the opportunity to discover and follow their own interests, and to become inspired by all they touch and see.

Children in this age group have a strong drive and desire to do what they see adults do. This setting provides them not only with the opportunity to do adult work (preparing food, washing dishes, caring for plants, etc.) but also provides them with the appropriate tools to accomplish these tasks. The sense of pride children feel in learning to care for themselves and their environment is a true thing of beauty. Hearing a child proclaim, "I did it!" is one of the best feelings a Montessori guide or parent can ever experience.

Children's House

A child enrolled in the Children's House program at Mariposa Montessori paints while another child watches

Students at Mariposa Montessori from three through six years of age enjoy the benefits of a three-year curriculum designed specifically for them. The Montessori early childhood classroom, or Children’s House, is an environment designed to meet the needs of the children. Children need real work to prepare them for real life. "Never do for a child what he can do for himself," Maria Montessori once stated.

The heart of the classroom and curriculum for the first year students is in the practical life and sensorial materials. In working with these materials, guided by the trained Montessori instructor, the students develop their motor skills, master sequential activities, and literally develop their brains through working with their senses. Social skills are important throughout the three years, and begin to blossom when the three-year olds learn what it means to be part of a community.

The second-year and third-year children build upon each previous year becoming leaders and mentors to the younger children. Children learn readily from one another, and the younger ones thrive under the tutelage of the five and six year olds. It is in the second and third years that the children are given more academic lessons.

Montessori taught us to move from the concrete to the abstract. For example, we enrich the vocabulary of the young child before asking them to decode the symbols of written language. We allow the child to hold 1000 beads in their hands before understanding that a numeral represents a quantity.

Graduates of the Mariposa Montessori Children’s Houses go on to our elementary program with all the tools they need to succeed. Their confidence and self-reliance set them apart from other students. Their problem-solving skills and their integrity serve them well as they move forward in life. We invite you to schedule an observation in one of our children’s houses to see the Montessori philosophy in action.

Lower & Upper Elementary

Nolan and Yasmine working

In the Lantana classroom, children ages 6-12 have the opportunity to follow their sense of wonder, develop essential academic skills, practice peaceful community building, and grow in their understanding of the world around them.

At this level, Montessori serves elementary-aged children through a program that promotes learning by offering exploration of big questions about the universe, time, civilizations, communication, and more. Within this science-based curriculum, subjects like math, geometry, geography, and history naturally coalesce and deepen, creating a truly personalized education limited only by the breadth of a child’s imagination.

Students in this classroom work independently and collaboratively. They are offered group lessons and individual experiences. Each is celebrated as a valuable and responsible member of our community. Peace education and mindfulness are integral parts of our day.

In addition, our classroom meets or exceeds the Common Core and Texas State Standards. We do this by observing and assessing children, offering guidance as they move along their individualized learning paths.

We value movement and spending time outdoors. Elementary children spend between 1 to 2 hours a day outside, including a healthy daily dose of free play. We also tend gardens, go on nature walks, learn to track animals, and watch clouds. Formal Physical Education is offered 2 times a week.

We offer music, visual and dramatic arts, creative writing, yoga, and computer skills within our curriculum. In addition, children in our program have the option to participate in a Suzuki violin program, chess, cooking club, and more.

We love elementary-aged children at Mariposa Montessori and it shows. Our classroom holds high standards but feels like home. Children blossom in our program, becoming leaders, artists, poets, explorers, and promoters of peace in the world.