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Our admissions process consists of three main steps:

Please Note: We are accepting applications for the 2017-18 school year, however enrollment openings are very limited and will be offered to existing wait list children. If applying now, there is a very slim chance of enrollment for the 2017-18 school year and an anticipated wait of at least 12 months before possible availability.

Application for Admission

Online Application for Admission

Enrollment Offer

We typically offer rolling admissions to infants and toddlers (Nido and Young Children's Community) and set our Children's House and Elementary rosters between February and March of each year. We strive for a harmonious balance of ages of the children in our classrooms. Our enrollment process begins when a parent either submits an application for admission or schedules a tour of the school (a tour is not required to submit an application). Once an Application for Admission is submitted, the child will be added to the wait list. When a space is available, the Administration will call or email the parents to discuss enrollment for a specified date/month at Mariposa. If the parents indicate interest in proceeding with enrollment, an official enrollment offer for a specified date or month will be sent to the parents along with the enrollment paperwork packet, which includes an Enrollment Contract.

When enrolling in the Nido or Young Children’s Community, the guide will schedule a home visit with the family to meet the child and go over the daily schedule of the classroom. Typically, a week long phase-in schedule will then be made.

When enrolling in the Children’s House and Elementary, the guide will try to schedule a classroom visit and then meet with the parents to go over the daily schedule of the classroom.

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Application for Admission
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